The Unconventional Tomato

Parsnips: Just Add Water

The instructions on the seed package for most carrots and parsnips are deceptively simple. Scatter seeds (or barely bury a seed tape impregnated with seeds) and “keep soil moist for several days”. What these instructions omit is that the seed must be kept lightly damp for several hours for it to break dormancy and consider sprouting.¬†After three separate sowings of various types of Parsnips and getting close to ZERO germination, I found one packet that had previously unseen advice on growing this long-season root crop: Pre-soak your seeds!


After an overnight presoak in warm water, I drained off all the liquid and then set out my parsnip seeds in the sun, stirring every 20 minutes or so until they were reasonably dry. I then judiciously planted them in rows. The results 30 days later speak for themselves:parsnips_presoak_results